Growing A Quality Future

After careful consideration of local and national economic trends and significant input from local community leaders, the Wayne Economic Development Council is prepared to move forward in addressing the needs and desires of the community.  The WEDC’s strategic plan for 2015-2018 provides the core programs to expand/retain existing businesses, and recruit new businesses into Wayne County. In addition, it responds to the primary economic barrier identified by local business leaders by implementing a community wide workforce development program built on best practices.  We are confident that achieving the goals and objective of this strategic plan will result in economic prosperity for Wayne County.

Strategy I: Leverage Growth Opportunities from Existing Businesses.
Goal: Economic growth efforts for existing businesses are WEDC’s top priority.

1. Lead a coordinated, county-wide business retention/expansion program that utilizes the interest and resources of local partners.
2. Connect available resources with existing businesses through promotional and educational events.
3. Provide project management services that connect existing businesses to new market opportunities.

Strategy II: Attract Quality Businesses by Leveraging the Unique Capabilities and the Strengths of Our Existing Assets.
Goal: Efforts to attract new business must be targeted towards high-skilled and high-paying jobs. Recruitment and attraction efforts must respect the high quality of life that exists in Wayne County.

1. Continue a primary focus on the development opportunities associated with the area’s status as a national leader in technology based, agbioscience based development.
2. Attract new businesses by targeting industries where Wayne County has a demonstrated or emerging competitive advantage.
2. Develop high-impact, professional marketing and communications tools.

Strategy III: Connect and Engage Investors, Businesses, Government, Service Providers and Allies in the Economic Growth Effort.
Goal: The WEDC must be a leader in connecting existing businesses with each other and with local and regional resources.

1. Increase prospect activity and positive perceptions of Wayne County through meaningful and collaborative relationships with local, regional, state and national allies.
2. Provide leadership for the coordination of local economic development services.
3. Build public support and knowledge of economic growth activities and their impact on the community.

Strategy IV: Maintain a Competitive Business Environment.
Goal: The WEDC must ensure that fundamental advantages with regard to workforce, infrastructure, and amenities are fostered to support expansion and development within areas designated for.

1. Create a position to lead the implementation of a Workforce Innovation Network (WIN) for Wayne County.
       a. Increase the leadership of the private sector in all aspects of our workforce competitiveness efforts
       b. Develop a workforce pipeline program connecting existing businesses with the OSU-Agricultural Technical Institute, Biohio Research Park, College of Wooster, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, University of Akron – Wayne College, Wayne County Schools Career Center, and others. Encourage local students to seek employment in Wayne County through incentives, training, apprenticeships and exposure to local industry clusters.

2. Advocate for facilities, systems and infrastructure that foster expansion of the existing, diverse business base. Give particular emphasis to increasing the inventory of available buildings and shovel-ready sites throughout the county.
3.Promote the continuance of high quality educational, cultural, recreational, health and safety amenities that ensure an exceptional quality of life and preserve Wayne County’s heritage.

Strategy V: Deliver a High Quality, High Performance Service System.
Goal: Provide economic development services at the highest standards of excellence through a public-private partnership.

1.    Continue to provide a first-class professional staff capable of strategically leading and managing the WEDC.
2.    Develop and distribute performance metrics which evaluate WEDC goals and activities.
3.    Develop sustainable revenue sources that exceed the industry norm for communities of similar size.
4.    Maintain an engaged leadership body that is committed to achieving the organization’s strategic mission and goals.

2015-2018 Goals

New/Retained Jobs 2044
Average Wage $18.82
Capital Investment $200 million

Thank You To Our Investors