Cluster Portfolio

Every regional economy has its own distinct portfolio of clusters.
This page illustrates the strongest  traded clusters in this region, as well as its top performing traded and local clusters. 

The charts below rank the leading clusters in this region based on a set of core performance indicators. Click on any of the bars in a chart to explore a cluster's subclusters, go to a Cluster Dashboard, or go to a Region-Cluster Dashboard. Download a spreadsheet of data underlying the chart you are on by clicking the circular arrow button on the left. Download an image of the chart you are on by clicking the photo icon button on the left.

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Cluster Portfolio

    18TradedClustersAutomotive3.19kDownstreamChemicals465DownstreamMetals815EnvironmentalServices70.0FoodProcessing1.83kFurniture401Livestock505Marketing1.03kMetalworking385Oil & Gas410Paper &Packaging235Plastics1.15kProductionTechnology1.17kTextiles195Trailers &Appliances185UpstreamMetals415VulcanizedMaterials375WoodProducts690

Traded vs. Local Clusters


Top Clusters by Employment

AutomotiveFood Processing andManufacturingDistribution and ElectronicCommerceProduction Technology andHeavy MachineryPlasticsBusiness ServicesMarketing, Design, andPublishingDownstream MetalProductsEducation and KnowledgeCreationTransportation andLogistics05001,0001,5002,0002,5003,000Employment

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