Cost Structure

Ohio has created a cost-competitive operating environment for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  A common sense tax and regulatory approach has resulted in considerable business growth and investment causing states in the Midwest and beyond to take notice.  On a local level the business climate in Wayne County is among the most advantageous in Ohio providing further benefit to area industry. The combination of a high quality of living and low business and personal expenses make Wayne County an attractive and competitive location for business growth.  

Ohio Business Advantages
  • Third friendliest tax environment (Ernst & Young)
    • No corporate profit and franchise taxes
    • No taxes on new machinery and equipment
    • No tax burden on inventory
    • No tax on out-of-state sales
  • Fourth overall infrastructure/global access 2014 (Area Development)
  • Sixth overall labor climate 2014 (Area Development)
  • Below average Workers Compensation Premium Rates (Workers Comp. Research Institute)

Wayne County Business Advantages

  • Lowest sales tax rate in the state: 6.50%
  • Low municipal income tax rates: Orrville 1% | Rittman, Wooster 1.5% 
  • Below average weekly wage: Ohio $874 | Wayne $780 (Ohio Labor Market Info: 2014)



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