The Wayne Economic Development Council is a public-private partnership dedicated to the economic development of Wayne County and Northeast Ohio. In serving the interests of the local community, the WEDC's primary role is to stimulate new capital investment and job growth through business expansion and attraction initiatives.

Progressively promote and facilitate business retention and strategic business growth in Wayne County.

The WEDC will strive to enhance Wayne County's prosperity and quality of life through well-planned and balanced economic growth.

The county-wide effort shall be characterized by:

  • Strengthen and retain existing businesses
  • Attract quality businesses
  • Pursue sustainable and balanced new business growth
  • Coordinate and collaborate with community and regional partners
  • Deliver progressive product offerings and incentives
  • Deliver high-quality professional economic development services

The WEDC will be a high-performance organization dedicated to leading the effort to develop a high-skill/high-wage economy for Wayne County.


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