Agbioscience Driven Economy

Wayne County is an agricultural leader in the region, state and nation. The county is known for its diversity, from small family farms to large commodity operations; growing everything from field corn and soybeans to herbs and vegetables; and raising both traditional and nontraditional livestock. Wayne County is the top dairy producing county in the state and has the third largest agricultural economy in Ohio.

Wayne County’s bio-economy is more than cow and plows. The area serves as the world headquarters of The J.M. Smucker Company and is home to major food processors like, Frito Lay, Daisy Brand, and Smith Dairy. In addition, Wayne County has located within its borders the nation’s leading Ag bio-science research institution in The Ohio State University, Wooster Campus. The OSU Wooster Campus is an impressive resource with thousands of acres of agricultural land and over 230 university researchers and scientists conducting more than 400 research projects annually.

The wealth of resources in Wayne County are leading the transforming the Northeast Ohio bio-economy into a specialized and world renowned research, development and production center.



Wayne County ranks third in the state for total value of agricultural products sold. In addition, the county also ranked in the top ten of the following commodity groups; poultry & eggs; fruits, tree nuts, and berries; cattle and calves; milk from cows; sheep, goats, wool, mohair and milk; cut Christmas trees; and other crops and hay.

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