Rail Service

Wayne County has over 100 miles of of active rail within it's borders providing local industry with a cost-effective means of accessing raw materials and transporting product. Major carriers including CSX and Norfolk Southern have a presence in the area.  In addition Wayne County has a major node of the Wheeling & Lake Erie, one the nations largest regional railways with multiple Class I railway connections, running through its core. The RC Corman Railway Group, services and maintains many of the lines traversing the county.  Local Industry receiving direct rail service include JM Smucker, Morton Salt, Purina,Worthington Industries and many more.

Intermodal Service
Ohio is a premier intermodal freight hub with 13 facilities distributed across the state.  These terminals provide a strategic location for businesses to produce, assemble and distribute finished goods. Wayne County is located within close proximity to three intermodal facilities within Northeast Ohio.

  • Canadian National Railway Neomodal Intermodal Facility (20 miles)
  • Norfolk Southern Maple Heights Intermodal Terminal (50 miles)
  • CSX Collinwood Intermodal Terminal (60 miles)


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