Training Resources

A company’s ability to find and maintain a skilled workforce is vital to success. Workforce and labor development programs are delivered through a variety of providers in Wayne County.

OhioMeansJobs: Wayne County
OhioMeansJobs: Wayne County is dedicated to providing seamless and professional services in one convenient location. The local office located in Wooster offers a wide array of employment and training services. From the job seeker desiring a career change to the employer looking for a pool of skilled workers, OhioMeansJobs is ready to help with your specific needs.

University of Akron: Wayne College
The Workforce Development Department at the University of Akron: Wayne College recognizes that companies have unique differences. Wayne College looks to form a working partnership with organizations to assist with developing and implementing strategies that will achieve new goals or solve current problems. The training programs offered by the Workforce Development Department provide flexibility, experienced trainers and consultants with real-world experience, and the resources of Ohio’s third-largest public university.

The Ohio State University - Wooster Campus The Ohio State Business Training & Educational Services is a leader in workforce development and performance improvement training.focuses on developing a high-performance workforce that is critical to business success.  Taking a collaborative approach the institution's Business and Training Services staff in tandem with key-decision makers utilize critical thinking in order to develop a plan that meets a business’s unique needs. ATI delivers a full spectrum of worker training from conducting the initial needs assessment to delivering customized training or individual coaching. Flexible training times and locations are available.

Wayne County Schools Career Center
The WCSCC provides career and technical training to approximately 850 high school students and 3,500 adult students each year. For businesses and industries who are expanding, retraining, or relocating, WCSCC offers consulting services in Human Resource and Assessment, Industrial Training and Business Training. The WCSCC offers state-approved, full-time career development programs in nursing, welding, office, and other fields important to the area workforce. The Wayne County Schools Career Center provides year-round, all-day options and individual, small group, large group, single or multiple session training.

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